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Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been trusted for over 130 years to provide quality products and innovative solutions. Their rich history has made them a leading manufacturer of power transmission and control products in a wide variety of applications for leading brands around the globe. In the United States, Sumitomo has established a large presence in many industries, including food & beverage, parcel handling, automotive, and mining.

Feel free to browse a summary of Sumitomo’s product inventory below. We offer a full lineup of Sumitomo motors and gear reducers, reach out for more information.

  • Gearmotors
    • Altax® Neo Gearmotor, Astero® Gearmotor, Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Gearmotor, Bevel BuddyBox® 5 Gearmotor, Bevel BuddyBox® H Gearmotor, Helical BuddyBox® Gearmotor, Compower® Planetary Gear Drive DP1000 Gearmotor, Cyclo® Drive Gearmotor, Cyclo® Drive Gearmotor with Torque Limiter, Cyclo® Overhead Conveyor Drive, Hyponic® Gearmotor, Paramax® 9000 Gearmotor, Prest® Neo Gearmotor, Rhytax®
      Gearmotor, SKK Gearmotor AF/SF Series
  • Reducers
    • Helical BuddyBox® Reducer, Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Reducer, Bevel BuddyBox® 5 Reducer, Compower® Planetary Gear Drive DP1000 Reducer, Cyclo® Drive Reducer with Torque Limiter, Cyclo® Drive Reducer, Fortress® Stainless Steel, Hansen M4ACC Reducer, Hansen P4 Multi Stage Horizontal Reducer, Hansen P4 Multi Stage Vertical Reducer, Hansen P4 Single Stage Reducer, Hansen P4 Uniminer Reducer, Hedcon® Worm Gear Reducer, Helical Shaft Mount Reducer, Paramax® 9000 Reducer, Paramax® SFC Series for Cooling Fan, Paramax® SEB Series for Extruder
  • Special Reducers
    • Large Industrial Gearbox for Paper, Large Industrial Gearbox for Mill
  • Motion Controls
    • FINE CYCLO® Products (Zero Backlash)
      • E Cyclo ; Fine Cyclo® High Precision Gearboxes FC-A, F1C-A, F2C-A, F3C-A, C, D, UA, T, and W Series
    • IB Series (Low Backlash)
      • Planetary Gear Reducer IB Series P1, P2, and PK1 Type
    • Cyclo® Drive for Servo Motors
  • Variators
    • Beier® Variator/Beier Cyclo® Variable Speed Reducer
  • Couplings
    • SEISA GC Coupling, DC Coupling
  • Inverters
    • Invertek Optidrive E3, Invertek Optidrive P2