With over 125 years of power transmission design experience, Philadelphia Gear offers world class expertise in the manufacture of power transmission equipment.

Philadelphia Gear® brands, which include WesTech, Western Gear, DeLaval Steam Turbine, Standard Machine, and Hamilton Gear have set the standard for endurance, quality, and customer satisfaction for more than a century.

However, all gear drives reach a point where they need to be replaced or upgraded due to changes in manufacturing needs, process improvements or technological advances. Our mission is to ensure that our customers always have state-of-the-art gear drive technology at their disposal to help prevent unplanned downtime.

Our gearbox configurations are as flexible and comprehensive as your application, and are designed to offer a wide array of size and footprint variations. We can create any possible gear arrangement necessary to satisfy customer requirements: from parallel shaft, to right angle, to double helical, to planetary/epicyclic, to bevel helical, and so on. There is virtually no gear related problem you’ll run into that we haven’t seen – and solved – before.

Now as part of Timken Power Systems, Philadelphia Gear and its family of brands have never been in a better position to serve demanding industrial markets throughout an increasingly competitive world.