Founded in 1993, PIV Drives (IOW SERVICE) has branches in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. The company has connections worldwide and manufactures Geaboxes, Gearmotors, Drives, and other products.

Parallel and Right Angle Gearboxes

The POSIRED 2 range, with an high degree of standardisation and consistent modularity, ensures flexibility and short delivery times. A large number of standard options with a great variety of versions guarantee optimal adaptation in almost every area of mechanical and plant construction. An extensive range of accessories increases the adaptability of this gear. As a standard, fans, cooling coil, external oil cooler, heating rods, torque supports, engine consoles, sub-constructions and operation monitoring systems are available.

Double Shaft Gear

Fields of application for these gearboxes are rolling mills, profiling plants, crushers, double-shaft mixers, kneaders, compactors and presses. These systems require two contra-rotating drives, such as provided by the Posired TS gear. The various designs, installation possibilities and optional accessoriesof the basic range of POSIRED 2 can also be used for the double shaft gear POSIRED TS.

Parallel Axis Lifting Gear with Extended Centre Distance

Lifting gears and conveyor drives in which the drum and driving motor are arranged in parallel require a step-down gear with a corresponding large axle base. The lifting gears in the POSIRED N series are designed for this application and ideally bridge the given distance between the motor and drum. The development of this series is based on widespread experience in crane engineering: belt conveyor drives, winches and hoisting devices. The accessories needed for this application such as elastic clutches, barrel clutches, brakes, substructures, can be supplied together with the gearboxes.

Universal and Compact Right Angle Gearmotor

This universal, compact and sturdy gearmotor is based on a modular system, with high output torque and with a monoblock housing integrating a motor bell housing. A large number of variants are available for each size. The opportunity to mount brake motors makes this bevel helical gearmotor most suited for traverse movements in cranes or other large mobile applications.

Gear for Agitators, Aerators, Fan

These agitator gears are primarily used in the chemical industry, though they are also needed in other applications with a vertical shaft position, such as surface aerators, sifters, mixers, hydro-stations and discharge facilities.The bearing base of the drive shaft is ideally suited to absorb the reaction forces of the mixer; the housings are of monoblock design and thus ensure a high rigidity with small installation space. The helical gearing is case hardened, noise-optimised and ground with a profile correction for an optimum load-bearing performance.

Bevel Gear Units

These bevel gears are characterised by a sturdy, non-torsional and space-saving housing. Their wheelsets of alloyed case hardening steel have a Klingelnberg- Cyclo-Palloid gearing and are case hardened. The arrangement of the screw fastening faces enables a wide choice of fitting positions. On request, contact-less shaft sealing variants as well as the connection for an oil circulating lubrication can be provided. Reinforced shafts are also available. Every precision-application in the sector of printing, paper, textile and tool-machines draw advantages in using this kind of gears.

Twin Screw Extruder Drives

Double shaft extruder gears have been built by PIV Drives since 1984 for a variety of applications in the plastics and food indus-tries. These gears have been put into operation around the world to our customers´ complete satisfaction. The gears are case hardened and ground and optimised with a profile correction according to the load from bending and torsion. A very good noise behaviour is achieved through a high contact ratio. The axial forces from the process part which occur during extrusion are safely absorbed in the gear with tandem bearings and self-aligning roller thrust bearings.

Injection Moulding Machine Drives

PIV Drives has developed this range of rack-and-pinion drives for closing the mould of injection moulding machines. These kind of drives are quiet running spur gearboxes presenting a compact construction with an integrated motor. They have a double toothed rack as output. To achieve high performance it is important to realise an almost perfect load distribution on the rack: case hardened and grounded gear wheels are the base for these high performance drives with highest accelerating and decelerating torque and a very good noise behaviour.

Large Industrial Planetary Units

This planetary gear series is intended for industrial applications in the upper output torque range. They are backed by long experience in the construction of planetary units for variable speed drives.

Special Purpose Gear Units

PIV DRIVES manufactures customised and special drives for almost each industry: rack and pinion drives, extruder drives, distributor-mechanisms for needle-felting machines, gearboxes for pump-distributing devices, hoisting gears, gearboxes for offset-printing-machines, shift – and variable speed drives for paper-cross-cutters, multiple shaft gearboxes for rack-dryers, grate-drives for continuous roller-hearths, feed-mechanisms for straightening- and punching devices, special drives for ring-rolling mills, diverse shifting gears.

CVT-Gears for Mobile Applications: CVT

This steel made high performance chain variator works with a constant power output while changing speed and torque. Variation of torque with constant power output, high efficiency with torque sensor, good level performances as a result of high tech chains, independent speed control of driving and driven unit, drive management with several driven units are the most important features of CVT applications.

Chain Variable Drives

The units of the series RH and A200 are the “classic” positive infi-nitely variable drives of PIV.

Ball-Discs Variable Speed Drive

The technical qualities, easy maintenance and good behaviour under extreme operating conditions make this gearbox interesting for many applications.Speed adjustment is possible during operation as well as at standstill. The mechanism is compatible with the hardest operating conditions. Even if the output shaft is blocked, no damage will occur. It is not necessary to use a starting clutch or a safety coupling.