Lenze is a US-based manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology.

  • Motors
    • Servo Motors
      • MCS, m850, and MDxKS synchronous servo motors; MQA, MCA, and SDSGA asynchronous servo motors
    • Three-Phase AC Motors
      • MF three-phase AC motors optimized for inverter operation, IE2 and IE3 m500 three-phase AC motors, Lenze Smart Motor for line voltage operation
    • Previous versions – Servo motors
      • MCM synchronous servo motors, SDSGS synchronous servo motors, MDFQA asynchronous servo motors
    • Previous versions – Three-Phase AC motors
      • IE3 m550-P, IE2 MH, and IE1 MD three-phase AC motors for inverter operation; IE2 MH, and IE1 MD three-phase AC motors for line voltage operation; and IE1 MD/IE2 MH basic three-phase AC motors for mains operation
    • Previous Versions – DC Motors
      • MGFQx DC, MGFRK, and 13.120 DC Motors
  • Gearboxes
    • Axial gearboxes
      • g7x0/g8x0 planetary gearboxes and bevel planetary gearboxes, MPR/MPG planetary gearboxes, g500-H helical gearboxes, g500-S shaft-mounted helical gearboxes
    • Right-angle gearboxes
      • g500-B bevel gearboxes
    • Previous Versions – Gearboxes and Geared Motors
      • g350-B smart geared motor, GST helical gearboxes, GFL shaft-mounted helical gearboxes, GKR bevel gearboxes, GKS helical-bevel gearboxes, GSS helical-worm gearboxes, ATEX three-phase AC geared motors, SIMPLABELT variable speed geared motors, DISCO variable speed geared motors
  • Lenze Smart Products
    • Chain conveyors, Roller conveyors
  • Controls
    • Industrial PC v800-C, Industrial PC v800-P, Monitor v200-P, Controller c750, Controller c500, Controller p500, Controller p300, Controller 3200 C, Controller c300, Safety Controller c250-S, I/O system 1000, Monitor Panels
  • Inverters
    • Frequency inverters for motor mounting or wall mounting
      • i550 Protec, i510 Protec, 8400 Motec, SMV IP65, and 8400 Protec frequency inverters; EC dual-use regulation
    • Frequency and servo inverters for control cabinet installation
      • i550 frequency inverters, i950 frequency inverters, i510 frequency inverters, 8400 TopLine frequency inverters, i700 servo inverters, 9400 servo inverters, 8400 HighLine frequency inverters, 8400 StateLine frequency inverters, 8400 BaseLine frequency inverters, SMV IP31 frequency inverters
  • Previous Versions – Controls
    • Drive PLC series controllers, IP20 series I/O systems, Embedded Line series Industrial PCs, Command Station series Industrial PCs, Cabinet PC series Industrial PCs, EL 100 series Human Machine Interfaces, EPM series Human Machine Interfaces
  • Previous Versions – Frequency and Servo Inverters
    • ECS servo inverters, 9300 servo inverters, 9300 PLC servo inverters, 940 PositionServo series servo inverters, 9300 vector frequency inverters, 8200 vector frequency inverters, 8200 motec frequency inverters, SMD frequency inverters, MCH series frequency inverters, MC series frequency Inverters, SCF series frequency inverters, SCM/SCL series frequency inverters, LCU series motor controllers, OCU series motor controllers, ICU series motor controllers

Discontinued Products

Controls – Controllers

  • 2210 positioning control
  • BY100 / BY200 synchronization control
  • SX1 / SSX1 synchronization control

Inverters – Frequency Inverters

  • QC Series
  • SCN Series

Inverters – DC speed controllers

  • Function board 2008

Motors – Three-phase AC

  • DxRA071-DxRA250


  • Communication modules for the inverters mentioned above


  • Servo Inverter 9200 (repair upon request)
  • DC speed controllers 4900 and 530
  • Winder 712
  • Function boards 2002, 2003 and 2008