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FOOTE-JONES® helical, parallel shaft and spiral bevel gear drives have applications in papermaking equipment, rock crushers, forestry, and mining equipment. The large scale capacity offering of the FOOTE-JONES power transmission components product offering provides solutions for heavy industry.

  • Hy-Power™ – Worm Gear Reducer & Worm Gearmotors – Up through 20,000 inch lbs of output torque
  • Max-Power™ – Spiral Bevel Reducers & Parallel Shafts – Up through 5,000,000 output torque
  • Line-O-Power™ – Concentric Shaft Reducers – Up Through 175,000 inch lbs output torque
  • 8000 Series™ – Shaft Mount Reducers – Up Through 100,000 inch lbs output torque
  • PowerTorque® – Shaft Mount Reducers – Up Through 125,000 inch lbs output torque
  • UNI-Power™2000 – Compact Helical Parallel Drives – Up Through 45,000 inch lbs output torque
  • UNI-Power™2000 – Helical-Bevel Gear Drives – Up Through 110,000 inch lbs output torque
  • UNI-Power™2000 – Helical-Worm Gear Drives – Up Through 100,000 inch lbs output torque
  • UNI-Power™4000 – Helical In-LineDrives – Up Through 70,000 inch lbs output torque

Founded in 1859, Foote-Jones manufactures the industry’s broadest selection of gear products including a complete line of speed reducers, gearmotors, worm/helical reducers, shaft mounts, parallel shaft, right angle gear reducers, custom gearing and engineered specials. Foote Jones is currently on 7 of the 10 New York city DEP wastewater pollution control plants.

The company has added several new products. For example, the new Uni-Power™ in-line reducers are designed in double, triple and quad reduction for multiple industrial applications.

Foote-Jones also offers unique, fast delivery programs on its standard product lines called Fast Foote™. This program has slashed the normal industry lead times by up to eight weeks. By focusing on the customer, Foote-Jones has become the service leader in the industry.

Midwest Power Products has represented Foote-Jones for over 23 years.

Midwest Power Products does everything from minor repair to complete rebuilds. When OEM and factory parts are obsolete we have the ability to manufacture gears to fit your Foote Jones. Midwest Power Products will work with you to determine multiple options for the most cost-effective and high-quality repair.