Chemineer has grown to become a global organization recognized for innovation in designing and manufacturing standard and customized fluid agitation equipment and systems. Serving customers worldwide, Chemineer has established its presence in major segments of the chemical, water and wastewater treatment, plastics and resins, petrochemical, pulp and paper and pharmaceutical industries.

They design, sell, manufacture and service a complete line of agitators, high shear mixers, static mixers, and heat exchangers under the brand names of ChemineerTM (gear drive agitators and portable mixers), ProchemTM (belt driven agitators), GreercoTM (high shear mixers), and KenicsTM (static mixers and heat exchangers).

  • Chemineer rotating mixers include gear driven top, bottom, and side entering configurations for all your agitation applications. A wide selection of impellers and auxiliary equipment such as seals and lubrication systems are specifically designed to optimize the mixing solution. Also available is a range of small mixers in both direct drive and gear reduced units for standard smaller scale applications.
    • Agitators (Model 20 HT/GT, HT Agitators, QED Agitators, DT Mixers, Biopharm Mixers, HS Agitators, MR Mixers, XPress Mixers, IBC Mixers), Impellers (RL-3, XE-3, HE-3, SC-3 P-4, S-4, BT-6, CD-6, D-6 or Rushton Impeller, Maxflo W Impeller, Maxflo WSE, Maxflo Mark II & III Impellers, JP-3, Smoothline, ChemShear, Double Helical Ribbon Impeller, Single Flight Helical Ribbon with Screw, Anchor Impeller, Screw Impeller – Auger, JT-2), and Auxiliaries (ChemSeal)
  • Prochem mixers include top and side entering belt driven units for applications in the Pulp and Paper, Oil Storage, Ethanol, Mining, Food, and Chemical Processing industries. High flow impellers are used with the Prochem units to provide energy savings for your process. Auxiliaries such as seals, vessel shut-off devices, lubrication systems, and shaft support devices are available.
    • Prochem MD Series Mixers, Prochem PM Series Mixers, Prochem PM Series Mixers, Prochem VM Series Mixers, Maxflo WSE, Maxflo Mark II & III Impellers
  • Kenics static mixers and heat exchangers utilize process specific elements in a housing for continuous flow applications. The elements use the energy from the process stream to provide blending, dispersion, and heat transfer with minimal pressure (energy) loss. Shell and tube exchangers utilized Kenics elements to boost heat transfer rates for high viscosity cooling and heating applications over conventional shell and tube heat exchangers.
    • KM Mixers, KMX-V Mixers, HEV Mixers, UltraTab, WVM Mixers, Heat Exchangers
  • Greerco High Shear mixers utilize an axial in/out rotor and stator system to provide mixing and shear in emulsion, dispersion, and colloidal applications. Tank mounted Homogenizers or in-line Colloid Mills and Pipeline Mixers are available for your processing applications in the Food, Cosmetic, Oil and Gas, Polymer, and Chemical Processing Industries.
    • Pipeline Mixers, Homogenizer, Colloid Mill