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Bison Gear and Engineering has been in operation since 1960, designing and manufacturing long-lasting and robust fractional HP AC motors, DC Motors and PMDC motors, gearboxes, gear reducers, as well as a full selection of AC and DC parallel shaft gearmotors, right-angle gearmotors, and brushless DC gearmotors. Some of their newer technology includes hypoid gearmotors and IP69K wash-down gearmotors. Bison is also equipped with a full assortment of accessories to support all of their products. Driven by Robusiticy® design philosophy, Bison brings world class products to a multitude of different industries and applications.

Bison prides themselves on Robusticity®, Engineering Excellence, Customer Service, Flexible (Lean Optimized) Manufacturing, Corporate Responsibility, and being Made in America.
  • PowerSTAR – highly efficient right angle hypoid gearmotor
  • SANIMotor (washdown) – IP69K rated stainless steel gearmotor
  • PowerSTAR-X / S-Series / Q-Series Gear Reducers
  • Bison Drives
  • Brushless DC Motors and Gearmotors
  • PMDC Motors
  • Right-Angle Gearmotors, DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors, AC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors