Our Company History

Midwest Power Products & Controls was formed on June 22, 1992. The main reason for starting this company was to fill a need as a niche market distributor/specialist of electric motors, gear reducers and gearmotors. At the time very few people knew how to properly apply or select gear reducers and/or gearmotors. Most people were either considered bearing people or motor people.

The first and only product Midwest Power represented at the time was Electra-Gear. This early Midwest Power/Electra-Gear relationship still flourishes today, as Midwest Power has become the largest Electra-Gear Distributor worldwide.

In May of 1994, a 7000 sq./ft building was purchased.

This location is 5 minutes from the Indiana/Illinois border, 35 minutes from Chicago, and 40 minutes from the Indiana/Michigan border.

It was after this 1994 move, when Midwest Power expanded its inventory, that the customer base and sales started to explode.

In March of 1997, Midwest Power was named the #1 Electra-Gear Distributor worldwide.

By this time Midwest Power represented over 20 different manufacturers of electric motors & gear reducers and had customers in all 50 states plus many overseas.

We began to then stock motors from 1/50th Hp to 200 Hp, and gear reducers in all shapes, sizes, and ratios. We could then ship same day from our stock of parts or assembled units.

April 1st, 1999, Midwest Power purchased Ringen Electric Motors. This motor and gear reducer repair shop can repair motors up to 500 Hp, and gear reducers/gear motors up to 4000 lbs. It can also repair pumps, welders, generators, and many other types of electro-mechanical machinery. This shop has proven to be the next step in being a full source supplier to our customers.

In early 2000, Midwest Power launched its own line of Drive products called Speedtronics. This line includes special AC & DC motors, inline and right-angle gear drives, and AC/DC electrical variable speed drives. The Speedtronics line of products has allowed us to meet our customers’ needs and fit our products into various applications.

The Speedtronics.com division is our fastest growing area within the company.  We hope to grow this product line for many years to come.

Today, Midwest Power works with a wide variety of OEM’s and industrial user accounts all over the United States. In fields such as food processing, air handling, conveying, pumping, and material handling.

We represent over 50 different manufacturers of electric motors, gear reducers, and power transmission equipment.

Midwest Power still generates over 85% of its business in the niche market as motor and gear reducer specialists.

Most engineering and applications questions can be answered immediately. This customer service experience sets us apart from our competition.

We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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